Saturday, September 6, 2014

Samsung 709 HTPC build reloaded - 2.0

Before we dive into rebuilding and optimizing  this HTPC build, let's take a look at our current setup. I emphasize, that this is a fully functional system, which unfortunately has a lot of shortcomings and cannot be used as intended.

In the picture you can see listed and highlighted the most important parts, and the immediately observable chaotic arrangement. It was not always this way, but as all is part of a process, had to squeeze in the last parts. It is important to highlight, that the first motherboard was much larger in size and therefore the lifting of the HDD was necessary, and later, after motherboard replacement, I had no reasons to lower it, because the SSD went under, and “the Piéce de résistance” stood firmly too.

Anyway, if it's a working system, then where's the problem? Why should I optimize

First of all there is always room for improvement. Always! Every modder and custom home HTPC builder should be prepared for this.

Secondly, the PSU is slowly failing, and is willing to start only if I remove the card reader or the bluetooth dongle. As the latter is used to connect my PS3 controller, the card reader had to go for now, anyway being just an extra convenience feature

Thirdly, and most importantly, a lot of heat is generated which has nowhere to escape. Things  improved a lot after I drilled some holes into the roof, but after half an hour running, things get scary and it is feared that some parts will permanently fail. And yeah, operates correctly without a roof, but that’s not the goal. 

It is therefore necessary to replace the power supply, the parts should be reorganized a bit, and I could use a larger fan, although the machine is already louder than it should be, to do something with the air flow and the hard drive to benefit also from some wind

Let's do it!

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