Thursday, August 28, 2014

HTPC build 1.0 - last entry and stage

Hey folks

Another longer pause without being in touch, but i made progress, nonetheless the HTPC is alive and kicking, but due to lack of time, did not had time to write the action log. 

Moreover, as usual, more and more problems arose, which currently prevent the completion of the project, but since the lineup is strong and even looks as definitive regarding parts and accessories, i decided to close this builder - exchanger - jigsaw period under "HTPC build 1.0" group name, and gather the following under a new generic – HTPC build 2.0 - describing the how to's, solutions, components, etc. 
But before we get to that, the last entry should be supplemented and improved, because it does not reflect the current state. Here it is:
First of all I dropped the CF - SATA converter idea, as the 4 gig card would not hold a Windows 7 install. If you read my blog you know, that XP was originally in sight, but for several reasons i decided to call a 64-bit 7 the winner. Despite the fact , that it does have a light version, which is less than 4GB !!!!! after install (search on Google and torrents), together with the mandatory programs and drivers would have exceeded this limit, not to mention the fact that Win 7 has no "embedded" version, resulting in an early death of the CF card. So what about now? Simple: a used 64 GB, SATA 3, OCZ Vertex 3 SSD off eBay. This will hold anything and the quick start would cause no problems. OS checked.

Secondly, the CIR has returned. I do not remember where I was navigating when I came across a german development that can wake the machine from the S5 state - meaning Shut Down just by an infrared signal. It was important to emphasize that is german, because there was no english version of the website, and did not came up in the search results when I was seeking for such a solution. Not to mention, that the owner did not even used any words and phrases related to the modder HTPC world. Lucky me that came across, and I will write about it later. Here is the link:
Seek for: Produkte - IR-Einschalter Rev.5 (it has english manual)

Edit: i was searching on Youtube for my mobo reviews and tuning, when i saw a video where a guy installed this IR receiver. here's the video:

It is important to mention, that i got a bit of a price reduction, which provided the above advertisement place :)
That is, and will be in touch with the parts breakdown and descriptions.

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