Friday, September 12, 2014

The backplate of the HTPC - the hidden utility factor

As stated earlier, the new power supply ruined my plans and had to think through everything again. After the birth of the new positioning, i measured and drawed the rear panel connectors of the new power supply (just the power supply from now on) and began to cut. As suspected, the backplate could not stand the pressure and got bent. I note that even if the cut has been a success, the plate would totally lost it’s endurance, so gave it all up halfway (see previous post for the image).


I needed a new backplate – no questions. Found in the courtyard a 1 mm thick sheet metal that looked and proved durable enough for the job. I made two drawings on it: one contained bending lines (pictured at the top) and the other did not. The latter prevailed as I had no opportunity to do a smooth bend, and the plate was strong enough to keep the roof while bolted to the frame anyway.

The bottom drawing was the winner. No bending, cuts only

Here it is to be noted, that in the absence of a proper tool (like the Dremel 3000) the cut (I mean sawing, drilling and filing) was a painful and lengthy process. If anyone wants to go the same way without enough patience, just drop it. Seriously! The end result, however, made up for everything. Here are some pictures:

HTPC backplate cutting is done

HTPC backplate is fitted - very nice

The red metal cover goes beautifully with the gray color of the htpc case.
The colored spots on the table are the watercolor left-overs of my boys creative side

The back panel has a total of five bolts. Three are connected only to the frame, while two serve as a power station unit  holder too. Since this latter piece is pretty light, the two screws were enough. Thus, each is rigidly and firmly fixed.

Backplate mission success!

HTPC backplate installed - what a beauty

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