Monday, September 8, 2014

HTPC Power supply replacement and new complications

I managed to get hands on a MiniATX PSU, which is much smaller and more powerful, and at the first test it powered everything, so there is no more compromise with the multi-card reader. No sata connectors, but all can be solved with a converter. Here are a few comparison pictures about old and new htpc psu:

PSU Comparision
PSU Comparision

When you build your HTPC, make sure your PSU can handle all, and it’s a small form factor

I should mention, that I did look at Pico PSU’s, but they are much more expensive, and largely depend on the external power brick, which is usual less than 100W. E.g. a 160W combo is like double in price than a MiniATX 200W internal PSU!!!

So immediately after i had it home, had the first tests: i connected it to the motherboard, and everything else, than started the machine - and violรก it run! This was followed by a steeper and less relevant thermal test: i put the cover on, and the remaining spaces were covered with a small blanket (the cover did not properly fit as the PSU was just inserted in the case for this test). Half an hour later, the temperature of  the CPU and motherboard increased only by a few values, which is a good sign.

So let’s install this puppy

Unfortunately, the new PSU size, shape, connection and placement of ventilation is completely different, so not only does not fit in the old place, the backplate of the box also had to be cut, which was already showing singns of weakness. Luckily there was enough space in the left of the case so every plan turned upside down and there came the complete re-design and optimization of this HTPC build.

This was the point where I decided a complete re-design and optimization

Thanks to an old friend, i received an empty tower box, and immediately removed the hard drive tray from it.

Empty PC tower

All i needed was the HDD tray - half of it actually

After some rough measurements, came up with a new plan: the motherboard remain where it is, the power supply and hard drives will be on the left side, and on the right side of the mouse and the CIR / infrared plate. And on the top of them the DVD rom. Both hard drives will finally get a normal bracket and screws to firmly hold them in place, even if the HTPC DVD Player will not be moved or shaked too much.

The HTPC PSU repositioning plan

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