Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HTPC Build – Stage 3 – The Piéce de résistance

I called this little piece of metal “Piéce de résistance”, because it saved my project – really. Supports both the HDD and the DVD drive!

I had a small holder for the HDD, but i did not know how to secure it to the case, because it overlapped the mainboard, and without a “leg” the chance existed to drop on it in the middle of a nice movie, and ruining the whole thing.

The other part was the DVD drive: the external part of the case was ready for it, but i needed something to secure it to inside the case also. First i was thinking to fit it on the top cover of the case, but that would have made the HTPC “take apart” proces to be a nightmare.

I had an old PC case lying around, and somehow i had the ideea to cut it in parts, and take out one top support rim, what in lenght was exactly the same as my HTPC (wide). And slowly, instead of just inserting it horizontally, i modified it, and created the “thing” what you can see in the pics. It holds the HDD, very strongly, and both the optical drive. It is mounted to the HTPC with a screw (both of them had a whole exactly where i needed it – 3rd and 4th image, the right side), so it is very stable.

The piéce de résistance  – a custom made HTPC part

The next part of the building is the assembly and first poweron – so be close!!

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