Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HTPC Build – Stage 2 – First bumps

Hi folks.

Sorry for the delay, but i got into some problems.

See the 2 bumps i told you about in the bottom part of the casing (pic in the earlier post)? Those needs to be cut out, and i had 2 versions: the nicer and the uglier. Well the nicer did not work :D So now i will try the harder. I will try to take pics with the process :)

UPDATE – Preparing the HTPC case:

As a first step, i've cut the top of the bumps and now i have 2 big holes:

Next i flattened the bump margins, and now i have a flat surface – with two big holes :)

Installing the PSU – small enough to fit a HTPC

I have this BTW from a small and damaged DELL desktop computer i got for free. My friend wanted to throw it out.

How do i mounted the PSU: lifted back a margin of the ex-bump (left), made a little cut at the back of the case (right) for the power connector and the PSU fits there like a charm (bottom).

Stay close as the next step will be a very important one!

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