Monday, February 13, 2012

HTPC Build – Stage 0 – Introduction

Hi there folks

I will begin with stating, that i started to write down the steps of this project on a dedicated HTPC forum, but as the build is not finished, and i took some pauses between certain stages of the build, my account was deleted so i discontinued to document the process. This means that the first few entries will be more like a looking back rewrites of the original posts.

So let’s get on with it! Following is the original introduction post from the other forum!

Hello everybody.

I do not like big introductions and hassles, so let’s get on with it. Actually i would like to say, that my native language is not english, so i will make mistakes.

About my HTPC project: i was always a PC user in the sense of multimedia. I watched movies on TV via the sVideo connector of my VideoCard, and listened music on PC. Actually i never had a proper DVD or CD player – but i always wanted one. So when i first came across HTPC’s, specially home built ones, i decided i will have my own!

It was no rush in the beginning, because i own a PlayStation2 what plays DVD’s and with a little trick, it does play AVI, MP3, audio and picture files too + it is a gaming station. So all should be OK, but the good old PS2 cannot handle movies bigger than 700MB properly.

What do i expect from my homemade HTPC?

Nothing complicated. I just want an enhanced DVD player, without any plus features like TV + TimeShifting or recording channels (i own a tv card, but i want a box as slim as it can be, and the tuner does not fit).

I have since a while a MiniATX P3 motherboard with a 1ghz CPU (yes one), 512 SDRAM, what i do not use for anything. I have a few HDD-s, and a spare Laptop DVD drive. What do i need? A box, a PSU, some cables, the project and a lot of thinking and wireing :)

Starting parts and ideas in my next reply, so stay close!

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